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Nsh-208 Restaurant W/Real Estate Shelbyville, TN

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National Restaurant Properties is pleased to present an attractive Middle Tennessee restaurant business and real estate package.  This restaurant is located in a highly-visible 1,504 sf  freestanding building, with a drive-thru and indoor dining room, and is less than 1-mile from a Walmart SuperCenter.   The kitchen set-up is well planned and includes all equipment needed for operation.  Seller will owner finance with 20% down and 15-year amortization. Profits are up 28% from 2018, and will finish out the year with approx. $140,000 net.

Business Highlights:

-Open 39 hours /week.  Mon-Fri: 11 AM – 7 PM.  Sat: 11 AM – 4 PM.  Sunday + Monday: Closed.

-Operates with two full time, and one part-time employee.  Mostly absent owner.

-Rated as a top/4.5+ star restaurant in Shelbyville on Trip Advisor, Google, FB, and other social media platforms.  All ratings are organic. 

-Average customer sale = $18.00+

-60% Drive-Thru customer base.

-2018 Owner Benefit = approx. $100,000.00 /yr.

Common Q&A:

Is a chef required?
1) The business doesn’t require a “chef” all smoked meats are prepared on the Ole Hickory Smoker; it has a cook and hold timer. ex: butts are put on at 10:00, cook for 14 hours, timer cuts down and holds temp at 160 degrees, they then pull them the next morning hot off the grill. The meat is then vacuum sealed the following day after 24 hours in the cooler. The vacuum package is then heated in a steam well bath to serve. They have 100’s of pounds packaged on hand ready to serve at all times. All employees are trained to season meat, set the timer on the grill, and pull butts when they are cooked. They have a hand-written recipe book for side items. All employees are trained to make the sides too, which are usually prepped between meal times in the morning and/or afternoon, so if someone quits or is fired, everyone else is trained as well as they were.

How many employees?
2) They currently have 5 employees: 1 full time 4 part time. Please inquire for schedule. It usually runs with 2 employees per shift. 

How often is the owner required to be on-site?
3) Vacuum sealing the meat is the biggest time and money saver that allows the owner to only be there from 8-11 AM 4 days /week. Most of what they do is load the grill with meat, vacuum package the previous day's meat, do a deposit at the bank, and make sure workers are here and happy. They also work hard to make sure they maintain a cost of goods under 40%, and labor under 20%. This consistently gives them a net of more than 25% of sales. The small building, drive thru, and no fryers or any menu item being cooked to order allow for a streamlined staff and low fixed costs. They take the order and serve it in less than 2 min. per customer.

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